Single phase Extraction Systems
UET’s Single Phase Extraction Systems recover spilled petroleum and other immiscible liquids from groundwater.

Industries we service:



Oil Distribution & Storage
Fuel Oil Distributors, Service Stations and Refineries
Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Bus Garages, Railroads, Turnpike Authorities & Airports
Manufacturing &
Production Facilities:
Pharmaceuticals, Food,
Dry Cleaners and more
Federal, State & Municipal:
State Reimbursement, Superfund and DOT
...and many more.
Why Choose Single Phase Extraction?
UET’s Single Phase Extraction systems (ProVac) remove spilled LNAPLs and DNAPLs, from subsurface formations without the pumping of groundwater. These systems use high vacuum forces similar to DPE/MPE systems to mobilize the spilled contaminant liquids contained in the saturated zone. Single Phase Extraction is a lower cost solution for the recovery of free product at your site. Unlike Dual Phase or Multi-Phase Extraction, Single Phase Extraction does not require any pumping, separation, treatment or disposal/discharge of treated groundwater. Most importantly, UET’s SPE systems, designed to mobilize and recover spilled product,do not waste energy and can result in an earlier site closure and a cost savings of up to 50%. The Single Phase Extraction System can be configured as a single well portable or in-situ (built-in) multi-well system depending on your site’s specific needs.
UET’S ProVac Systems will recover:


Lighter petroleum products such as gasoline, heating fuel oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel and heavier, more viscous products such as hydraulic oils, mineral oils, #4 and #6 oils.
Chlorinated compounds such as Trichloroethylene (TCE), Trichloroethane (TCA), Perchloroethane (PCE) and others as well as creosote and coal tars.
If you have another spilled product not listed, please call or e-mail us.



















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